Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Support our Musicians and Songwriters

Hey everyone. The music industry is changing so fast that we can hardly keep up with it. Fortunately for music lovers there are a lot of opportunities for free listening through the web. It is also fortunate for musicians as now the independant musician and songwriter can also share their music with the world through the web for free. In the mean time we have to pay the rent, create the CD, pay the light bill and more with our meager earnings from giggs and the second or third job that most of us have. If you love the music you can be part of the process that makes the music possible. Send us a note with your donation... Get creative..... make it fun!
1. buy a new pair of boots
2. take yourself out for a burger
3. have a beer on us
4. here's some cash for your studio rental
5. We'd like to help with the hospital bill ( only an example.... no one went to the hospital this month )
6. help to keep the lights on this month
7. we'd like to help pay for production costs on your next CD
The musicians and songwriters really appreciate your support and will continue to create the songs with added pleasure, knowing that you stand behind them.

Oklahoma Musicians if you would like to be included in these listings please feel free to contact us.